Images revealed for Young Sheldon season 6 suggest that fans should be worried about Missy (Raegan Revord).

George and Mary's only daughter held the house amidst family following Georgie's pregnancy news.

As Young Sheldon continues with season 6, however, Missy might be  again a focal point of an upcoming narrative.

CBS is starting to market its number one comedy's fall return.

A particular image from the set stands out, however, featuring Missy with a bleak look on her face.

This image of Missy hints that something bad is going that involves the Coopers' daughter. 

Throughout Georgie's pregnancy woes, which resulted in other issues including Mary's breakdown and Sheldon.

This time it seems like she will be the one needing guidance as she deals with something personal.

This idea is backed up by previously-released Young Sheldon season 6 behind-the-scenes photos.