There's no mistaking that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have mastered the art of co-parenting.

The friendly exes, who share 11-year-old son Flynn, called it quits nearly a decade ago.

But they promised each other they'd follow one simple rule to create a seamless dynamic.

"When Orlando and I separated," Miranda told, "We made the decision to always put our son first."

She continued, "If you can let that be the North Star, then everything else falls into place."

The supermodel has a similar mindset when it comes to her wellness and fitness routine.

"Self-care is important for us to feel good," she said, "and when we feel good, we are so much happier in our lives."

Miranda says, self-care is a huge part of her life— not only as a mother but as a founder of Kora Organics. 

After all, she's been hard at work as the brand recently expanded into body care with new products.