Wendy Williams is headed to a wellness facility to "manage her overall health issues.

Wendy Williams is taking some take to care for her health.

Wendy has entered "a wellness facility seeking help to manage her overall health issues." 

 The move comes a month after Wendy's former manager and colleagues spoke out about the working conditions of Wendy.

Wendy's publicist concluded their statement by asking for "prayers and well wishes during this time."

" The statement continued. "Ms.Williams is being treated by a team of some of the best doctors in the world."

"She is taking some time to focus on her health and wellness as she prepares for a major comeback for the next level in her career.

In Sept. 2021, the talk show shared in an Instagram post that Wendy was dealing with "ongoing medical issues"

The TV personality also faced a legal battle against Wells Fargo.