Tennis champion Venus Williams reflected on her unbreakable bond with Serena Williams after she announced her retirement.

For Venus Williams, there's no greater cheerleader than family.

Ever since she turned professional at 14, the tennis star counted on the support of her parents and younger sister Serena Williams.

 And as Serena moves on from the game they both love, Venus is filled with gratitude for an unbreakable bond.

"She's been my role model," Venus exclusively shared with E! News.

No one knows more what I'm going through then she does. 

 She's someone who understands me without even saying a word. 

 I know that it's unusual to have a sibling in sports, but it is the only experience I know so I can't imagine not having one.

Venus added, "From what I understand, 99 percent of people do it alone but I never had to."