Actress Trina McGee has explained why she was not in the series finale of "Boy Meets World."

McGee, who played Angela Moore, Topanga's best friend in college, for the last three seasons.

Recently recalled her experience with the end of the series in a conversation for the podcast "Pod Meets World."

"I was told, in kind of a weird off-handed way by important person you guys all went to Michael Jacobs.

 'We don't want her in the last episode. She's somehow taking our light.' That was the gist of it, McGee said.

"I was told that after I shot what was the show before the last episode called 'Angela's Ashes' when I left."

 When Michael announced we were going to do another show on Angela.

 I was so happy not realizing this was going to be the show before the last show.

Will Friedle, who played Eric Matthews on the ABC sitcom, denied that the cast had asked to remove McGee from the finale.