Shraddha Kapoor, who made her big Bollywood debut with ‘Teen Patti’ in 2010, says a lot of things.

 Have changed for women in the industry since the time she started her film journey.

Talking about the same, Shraddha told a news portal that a lot of things .

 Have changed since she started off, especially for female actors. 

 According to her, now we see films made from a female gaze, with the actress being the driving point of the story.

 Not only are women headlining many films and stories but they are also written in a deeply layered manner.

The actress also felt that this is a great time for women in Indian cinema.

Shraddha stated that there is nothing that she would like to change about her career so far. 

 When asked about her biggest take away, she added that one lesson that she holds close to herself.