Saba Azad and Hrithik Roshan recently attended Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal's wedding reception in Mumbai.

Saba wore a green stunning green outfit while Hrithik opted for a black tuxedo.

The actress posted the pictures from the event on Instagram.

However, a user trolled her look by dropping a comment that read.

 "U were looking like cheee, eewww yaak..whatever you understand...Take it."

Saba decided to give a befitting reply to the troll and posted the screenshot of the profile.

This is Shruti apparently, she loves her love, but she also just follows me to share her abundant hate. 

 There are many like her out there- don’t be like Shruti feel free to unfollow me.

Incidentally, Shruti hasn’t met the block button yet… they shall be well acquainted soon."