Between tucking into golgappas and sampling some mishtis, actress Rituparna Sengupta strolled.

Through Delhi’s Bengali Market on a bright, sunny morning as she revealed her Pujo plans to Delhi Times

The things I associate with Pujo the most have to be the joy little things sparked in us as kids. 

From pandal hopping to pet pujo, Rituparna Sengupta has her Durga Puja plan sorted.

While taking a stroll in Delhi’s Bengali Market, the actress got candidate.

The countdown, the Pujo frenzy, the gloomy feel after pratima bisharjan (idol immersion), everything has left.

 Each Pujo the child in me comes alive, wanting to do the things I’d do back in the day.

Nothing could dampen my spirits – not even the shoebite I’d get from wearing pencil heels while pandal hopping with friends!

When I entered showbiz, we used to have big movie releases every Pujo. I was still very young.