Olivia Wilde daughter Daisy is credited as the character of “Rosie” in Don't Worry Darling. Find out more about her scene.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis' daughter Daisy joined her mom on set and made an appearance in Don't Worry Darling.

 According to fan photos circulating on social media, the 5-year-old is credited as the character "Rosie."

The director previously spoke about her daughter's cameo to Vanity Fair.

 Daisy's scene is with Olivia and Florence Pugh as their when their characters lay are lying poolside and drink drinking cocktails.

 As they await their husbands to return home from their mysterious jobs.

Beyond appearing on-camera, Daisy also spent time on-set behind the camera, watching her mom direct the film.

 In October 2020, Olivia shared a pic of her daughter sitting in a director's chair, captioning the sweet snap, "Tiny set visit."

Having her little one while production was taking place was an experience that she felt was tied to that of being a female director.