Shoji Morimoto has what some would see as a dream job: he gets paid to do pretty much nothing.

The 38-year-old Tokyo resident charges 10,000 yen ($71) per booking to accompany clients.

Basically, I rent myself out.

My job is to be wherever my clients want me to be and to do nothing in particular.

Morimoto told Reuters, adding that he had handled some 4,000 sessions in the past four years.

Morimoto now boasts nearly a million followers on Twitter, where he finds most of his clients.

Roughly a quarter of them are repeat customers, including one who has hired him 270 times.

His job has taken him to a park with a person who wanted to play on a see-saw. 

He has also beamed and waved through a train window at a complete stranger who wanted a send-off.