Martha Stewart gave her outlook on how Pete Davidson is doing during an interview with E! News about her Green Mountain Coffee Roasters partnership.

Martha Stewart might have an eligible bachelor on her podcast soon.

The lifestyle guru's son she never had, more famously known as Pete Davidson, is booked and busy.

 But could still make an appearance on the Martha Stewart podcast. 

"He's doing two movies at the present time," Martha told E! News during an interview.

 To promote her Green Mountain Coffee Roasters partnership. "And he's agreed to do my podcast, supposedly."

And when it comes to fans' burning questions about the comedian, who recently split from Kim Kardashian, Martha teased.

"I'll find out everything you want to know on the podcast, which is aired on iHeartRadio and an Apple [Podcasts], too.

While it's TBD on when her chat with Pete will go down, she did give some insight on how he's doing these days.