In honor of Law & Order: SVU's season 24 premiere, we're looking back at Mariska Hargitay's.

Over 23 seasons of Law & Order: SVU, one thing has remained the same: Mariska Hargitay.

But some things have changed for the Emmy-winning star, including her hair.

Yes, Hargitay's Olivia Benson has been put through the wringer over the years.

Throughout her two-plus decades playing Benson, Hargitay has rocked many hairdos.

There have been changes that you can play "Guess the season the USA Network rerun. 

"We all know what the cornerstone is of any show's creative direction," Hargitay jokingly told The Hollywood Reporter in 2015. "Hair."

And, with our favorite officer returning for SVU season 24—which premieres Thursday, Sept. 22 on NBC.

 That's right, it's an ode to our favorite Captain's luscious locks—and it's safe to say that Detective Elliot Stabler.