Lisa Ann Walter is embracing her role as a fashion trend setter.

The actress revealed how she felt after learning her character Chessy,

"I think it's lovely, it never gets old," she shared.

When I was wearing the wardrobe at the time, I'm like 'Really? A big shirt that covers my waist?

My pants that are right at my ankle? OK, Nancy, I'll wear whatever you want me to wear'.

Chessy was the live-in nanny for Nick Parker's (Dennis Quaid) daughter Hallie Parker (Lindsay Lohan).

Routinely dressed in baggy pants, a loose fitting t-shirt and an oversize jean jacket.

"But it works," Lisa's Abbott Elementary co-star Sheryl Lee Ralph chimed in.

Lisa agreed, noting, "It's comfortable and I think your generation, the younger generations are so much smarter, in a way, then we are."