Kim Kardashian shared that North West has a special purse saved for her in Kris Jenner’s will.

 Learn about the crystal piece that made Kim “hysterically” cry once upon a time.

North West has a special item saved for her in Kris Jenner's will.

Kim Kardashian revealed that North will receive a crystal Chanel purse shaped like a LEGO.

During a Sept. 15 appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Kim recalled a time when she was eight months pregnant and about to do her photo shoot with designer Karl Lagerfeld.

But there was a special rumor that had Kim on the edge of her seat.

"The big myth is that he'll give you a bag on set if it's like your first photo shoot with him."

Kim shared that she was dreaming of what purse she would receive, but once she got to the shoot, a different story unfolded.