More than three years after getting engaged, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are finally preparing to walk down the aisle. 

The "Roar" singer recently spilled details on the longtime couple's impending nuptials.

"There's still a plan but the location is challenging," Perry revealed on The Drew Barrymore Show Sept. 14.

"I love a big celebration. I am all about big, fun, exotic, great celebrations. So, hopefully, soon."

When it comes to finding the one, Perry disclosed that she put in the work and was rewarded with a partner who cared.

"I've always had a challenging time with love and relationships," Perry explained.

And to be attracted to someone who is kind and consistent and showed up for me. 

Perry, welcomed daughter Daisy with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, explained how she worked on herself.

"I went and did so much work before I became a mom because I was nervous some stuff and I wanted to kind of clear that."