Kangana Ranaut said on Instagram that Elon Musk was being targeted by ‘woke’ people.

 Who had started a ‘massive hate campaign against him.’

 Elon had recently welcomed back Kanye West on Twitter.

Recently Kanye West posted for the first time on Twitter since 2020.

 After his Instagram account was restricted for violating the platform’s rules and regulations. 

 Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is poised to buy the micro-blogging platform Twitter.

Was one of the first responders to Kanye’s tweet, for which he was criticised by a section of online users.

Now, actor Kangana Ranaut has come to Elon’s defense, and said he was being targeted by liberals.

 Who can’t stand anyone who is ‘self-made, fiery, intelligent and above all sane’.