The last part of the year is always full with parties, events and of course festivities.

 While there is no escaping the food and delicious traditional sweets, some folks have a firm plan.

 Isha Koppikar, who’s particular about her workouts, shares hers.

 She says, “I think it's all about finding balance. While I love all sweets that we make during this time.

 I ensure I don't pack in the extra sugar and I also do more than 10K steps every day to stay fit.

The Bollywood actress admits she loves the whole vibe at this time.

My fave part of the festive season would be the entire aura that the festival brings.

Decorating the house, cleaning up and removing the unwanted stuff from the house.

. People are dressing up, they make rangolis, etc – I love that, too,” she admits.