Readers asked us to look into the veracity of a Facebook post that expressed outrage about a new FXX animated comedy series titled, "Little Demon."

On Sept. 5, U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., shared concerns over a TV commercial that aired on the ABC TV network.

 During a college football game between Florida State and Louisiana State University.

 The Republican politician said that he found the trailer for the new FXX animated comedy series “Little Demon.”

To be “disturbing,” posting that it contained references to hell and Satan and that the main character plays the Antichrist. 

He also included in the post that the FX and FXX channels are owned by The Walt Disney Company, as is ABC.

While we can’t fact-check someone’s opinion of a trailer for a comedy cartoon series that’s made for adults.

Airs at a later hour, and stars comedic actor Danny DeVito to voice Satan, we can verify whether the information in Johnson’s Facebook post was true. 

After looking into the matter, we found that Johnson did not misinform regarding “Little Demon’s” plot, cast, and reviews.