The Too Hot to Handle star shows off her phenomenal figure in her latest social media post, posing on the beach.

"Mentally I'm here," she captioned a series of snaps.

Emily told Heat World that she starts her day with tea and keeps drinking it throughout the day.

"I'll have to have a lemon ginger tea in the morning, whether I'm hungover or not, it makes me feel 10x better," she said.

"I'm also addicted to green tea. I have to have like six cups a day otherwise I will die."

"It has to be really good quality tea bags, you know when you can see the leaves and not just power?"

Emily stars the day with a "nutritional breakfast, it could be eggs or yoghurt or whatever," she told.

"We always say it's all about balance." She loves Indian and Chinese.

"I don't think I've ever stepped foot in one, but I'm trying to do yoga at least once a week at the moment," she told.