There are new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, September 5, to Friday, September 16.

Someone doesn’t realize it, but they end up giving Jordan a clue.

Josslyn is in for one big surprise, Nina is forced to face her past, and Elizabeth uncovers more memories.

Trina finds Spencer’s letter, Sasha has a public meltdown, and TJ fuels Jordan’s suspicions.

With the trial behind them, Trina and her loved ones get ready to celebrate.

Will the party thrown by Portia and Curtis go off without a hitch?

Brook Lynn has been known to push boundaries on occasion, so what causes Chase to say that she’s gone too far?

Does Ned perhaps see a bit of himself in Chase, and might that be why he’s concerned about Brook Lynn’s relationship?

Nikolas might want to listen when Sonny shares his suspicions.