East Coast fans of "Days of Our Lives" were not happy that the final few moments of the last episode.

 To air on NBC was interrupted on Friday by a live speech from King Charles after the death of his mother.

"I understand that the queen died and it's a big deal...in Europe.

 But we are not a monarchy. We actually revolted against it.

We don't need 24/7 coverage when Days of Our Lives is airing their last episode ever on NBC," tweeted one irate U.S. fan — in all caps.

"This final episode of Days of Our Lives to ever air on NBC is disappointing. We aren't British. Give it a rest!"

Another fan observed that these kind of news interruptions won't happen on Peacock.

"You know what I'm not going to miss Days of Our Lives on NBC  Interruption at least on peacock we get to see the whole hour."

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