"Chicago Med" premiered as the third show in NBC's interconnected "One Chicago" universe.

It continues to cross over with "Chicago Fire" &"Chicago P.D." as all three series remain on air.

However, viewers more compelled by medical drama than its connections to these other shows.

Its fanbase, comprised of "One Chicago" diehards and medical drama devotees.

It is sizable enough that "Chicago Med" Season 8 is currently slated to air in September of 2022.

NBC announced that all three of its flagship "One Chicago" shows will be back on the same date.

These primarily serve to build anticipation for the "One Chicago" universe's return.

The post about the return of "Chicago Med" suggests that a principal character will be absent from Season 8.

The "Chicago Med" poster is notable for its lack of Pamela Blake from what is otherwise a collage of all the series' major players.