Bre Tiesi does not want anyone's advice when it comes to her family.

The model—who shares son Legendary, 2 months, with Nick Cannon.

Standing by her parenting decisions after sharing a screenshot of her DMs with a fan.

Bre posted a video message on social media sharing that she hadn't slept "in like three days."

A fan replied to her message, suggesting that she employ a night nurse to help her out with the newborn. 

When Bre asked the fan if they wanted to pay for it, the fan responded, "Tell Nick!!"

Bre replied, "I don't need your unsolicited advice, thanks. U have some f--king nerve."

She then sent a message to anyone who had advice regarding her and her family.

"KEEP MY PARENTING, MY KID AND MY BABY DADDY'S NAME OUT UR MOUTH," she shared on her Instagram Stories.