Either way, Lady Gaga catching sight of her producer BloodPop in the crowd Saturday night at Dodger Stadium.

 Appeared to throw her off the script she’s been working from on her latest tour, the Chromatica Ball.

 Which due to multiple pandemic-related delays finally launched in July, more than two years .

“Chromatica” unsparingly documents Gaga’s struggles with depression and addiction.

 Indeed, it was as the singer was introducing “Fun Tonight” — about not having fun with a partner who enjoys your celebrity more than you do.

She glimpsed BloodPop, a.k.a. Michael Tucker, with whom she wrote the song, near the concert’s stages.

Calling him a “wonderful human being,” Gaga said the producer had come to her house every day.

While she was going through a “really rough time” — a time when she was “so angry I never thought I wouldn’t be angry.” 

She said she’d sit on her porch and chain-smoke three packs of cigarettes; she told the tens of thousands of fans in the stadium.