There are only 2 weeks left until the grand finale and now that the guests are in their tenth week, things are starting to get tense.

They are no longer willing to play on each other's strategies and have started to play for their own goals.

The guests of Big Brother have officially started the tenth week of the competition and this means only one thing.

There are 17 days left to know the HG who will become the winner of season 24.

Monte is the new Head of the Household and there are only four houseguests to choose from.

Now is the time when alliances and promises begin to fade to ashes.

Everyone must watch out for their own strategies, as no one wants to be the next to be evicted.

Monte nominated Alyssa and Brittany this week, he's not clear on which of the two will be the target.

He confessed to Taylor the possible scenario for tomorrow if she wins Veto and he is forced to put Turner up.