Ed Brown and Liz Woods' communication skills could use some work.

Big Ed and Liz find themselves clashing after one tense photography lesson.

 Ed is trying to teach Liz how to be a photographer, but his fiancée feels he's spending more time flirting with the model than teaching her.

 This leads to Liz making a remark about Ed's skills, that offends him on more than one level.

While Liz is in no way referring to her fiancé—who was born with a rare disorder called Klippel Feil Syndrome.

 Which affected the development of his neck—Ed is still upset by the comment.

"There's nothing wrong with this picture," he snaps back.

 "At all. You're not here to critique my work. I'm trying to teach you what I'm doing."

Ed doubles down and reminds his bride-to-be that they're giving the model what she wants.