Kate Moss calls hats Outfashioned!

Kate Moss declares hats to be out of fashion

Kate, who became one of the most iconic supermodels of the 1990s (and was known for having quite the collection of headwear), has announced that balaclavas are her new thing and we’re now concerned for her hat collection.


Playing a game of Chic or Not Chic with Dazed magazine, Kate, 48, was asked about trilby hats and said: ‘Oh, trilby? Not pork pie? Pork pie… not chic! Fedora? Chic. Hmmm. No hang on. No fedora, not really.


The Star herself has been A Great Hate Admirer

Kate Moss

“But oh! I did buy a balaclava. Amazing! A striped balaclava from Marc Jacobs the other day. Gorg! For me and (daughter) Lila!” the star noted. Elsewhere, Kate shared that she doesn’t try to conceal her identity while out and about on a regular day.


“I like to be able to walk down the street with my dogs,” she continued. “I do it every day. I don’t do, like, sunglasses and hats and security guards. I walk down the street by myself with my dogs. And nobody looks. Someone might ask for a picture, and I just say no.”


Over the years, Kate has rocked every kind of hat from baker boys and fedoras to wide-brimmed numbers and even, once, a Russian ushanka-style hat on the runway.


She’s the company’s new Creative Director (a multitalented queen!) and she unveiled four limited edition designs inspired by some of her iconic looks.


Elsewhere, she’s been spotted having a blast at Glastonbury, as well as living it up for the Queen’s Jubilee Weekend, and we love to see it.

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